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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Elegant Images Templates For Blogger 2013 and 2014

Blogger Templates For Images 2013 + 2014

I've recently shared several templates for articles blogs in multiple colors and features, now i'm sharing with you some templates for pictures, as i know, these blogs doesn't need nothing else but new pictures and images, so that why all what you have to do is to keep adding them, look for sources of traffic, some like facebook pages, google plus, twitter... Once you got your sources, and offered much content, you may be able to send your request to google adsense and start earning.

9gag and DamnLoL, are two of biggest websites, that use funny images and earn money trough them, all what their owners do is putting funny meme and troll, this kind of websites are in the top of people interesting , facebook pages are the source number one, because people looks for fun and keep liking , commenting and sharing what they enjoyed with their friends so day after day the number of visitors keeps higher. Blogs like these need SEO for images, which make Google index the entries.

So today i bring you some templates hope you like it:

DamnLoL For Blogger Template

  • This template designed by MyBloggerLab.
  • It contains one image per page which increase the number of page impression.
  • You can put your 300x250 Ad at the sidebar and one other 728x90 at the header, if you can add adsense ads it will be better.
  • Add some other widgets if you like it will be nice like facebook like box.

Blogger Template Johny Asal Responsive

Johny Asal Responsive Template for Blogger is designed for both images and article, contains 4 columns with targeted places for ads, 4 area on footer, amazing navigation bar. search box in the header, facebook like button next to read more button.

Template Gamer Magz for blogger

Gamer Magz is a blogger magazine template with two navigation bars, one search box at the top of the header, featured articles with thumbnails, right sidebar with social networks buttons, continus reading button with thumbnails and summary, 4 section at the footer and more to discover.

Template Pinterest Clone for Blogger

Pinterest is a clone blogger template for images and pictures, cloned on pinterest website, with top navbar, amazing mouse hover effect on images, back to top button, with one left sidebar.

Pinfinity Template For Blogger

Pinfinity is a blogger templates is like pinterest, withe top navbar, cool social networks buttons next to search box, mouse hover effect on pictures with stylish form, you can use this template for social images it contains fb like button too.

Pegasus Blogger Template

Pegasus is a template for images with awesome mouse hover on it, contains one column with navigation bar on right top, with 4 section footer and pages numbering.

My gift to you is 9gag blogger template:

    9gage template for blogger

    For me 9gag template for blogger, is the best choose for those people who wants to make their fans proud to browse their blogs, i'm using it too in my blog as you see in the demo link, because it contains 2 column, cool navigation bar in the top of header next to the logo, you can show many posts or just one single one if you like, which it helps visitors to laugh about what they enjoyed with.

    Browse these collection of templates:

    Template for blogger 2013 folio 360

    Designed by Designer Team from Templateism, this folio template is for images with one column, orange, black and white for colors, four sections footer and page numbering system.

    Templates For Blogger 2012 2013 2014

    Web Depot this template designed by templateism too, with 2 column, one right sidebar with multiple colors for each section on it, 4 section at the footer, cool header.

    Take a look at the preveiw posts:

    P.S: keep in touche we will add some other templates

    Hope you enjoyed with us dear fans, it's an honor for me to share with you these topic, keep visiting Professional Blogger Tips, and feel free to ask about anything, share it if you like it.
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