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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Get Payoneer Mastercard + Verify Paypal + US Bank account + 25$ Gift!

Welcome again after absence from blogging for a period, Here I am come back again to inject new blood in this blog, today's topic is a very important issue especially for those who do not have credit cards and they would like to actually get one. 
Credit cards are an important currency in internet world, so that it enables people to complete commercial transactions over the Web, such as sale and purchase in products that thier owners aren't find Mmtkouha seemed only placed in international websites such as eBay, Amazon, and others.
We bloggers also need these cards, as we all know that after the establishment of our blog and after a period of time we start thinking about acquitting of a domain name or even hosting, so we hurry to reserve a domain and choose names appropriate for our blogs, then come up against a page requires us to enter the number of a bank card or credit, and this is what prompted me to write this post.
There are many sites that give MasterCard to its users like Odesk and Payoneer, Odesk the forces you to complete a specific job of your choice for a customer and charge it a certain sum of money and receive at the same time your MasterCard.

Payoneer is a website that allows you to reach the money via a MasterCard, and the beautiful thing is that you get 25 $ on each person enrolled via your afiliate link as he also gets the same amount, and this is a big difference between getting card from Odesk and Payoneer, in addition to many other features, with your card you can activate your account on Paypal, and then you can buy what you want from internet.

Let's move now to see how to sing up with Payoneer:

First you have to register under this affiliate link (sure if you want to get 25$).

Follow the pictures below:

Sign Up with Payoneer Afiliate and get MasterCard

Payoneer Cardholder Account Information Verify Information

Payoneer Cardholder details

MasterCard Account Information for Payoneer

Registration Verification for Payoneer sign up

After you finished your sign up, Payoneer team will send you an message to your mail once your request is approved, here is the message that they send to me:

Payoneer Approval Account

After the team accept your account, they will send you an other message which you can upload your National ID, Passport, Driver's License, or other images. (it better if you scanned the image, if you can't just take a picture of it).
Here is the message:

Upload Link for Payoneer MasterCard

Upload your images on the next page, for me i sent to them my National ID and within 2 days they inform me that they send my MastrCard to my house.

Upload National ID for Payoneer

That all for now don't forgot to register under my affiliate link in case if you wish to get 25$.
hope you enjoyed with us, if you like this topic share it and feel free to post your comments below.
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Team SB
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  1. Up to now i didn't. get reply from payoneer


  2. I hve already registerd so what an i do i want 25$ help me thank you

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