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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Google Adwords: Get Coupons For Free!

Google Adwords: Get Coupons For Free! - myway2blogging
Google Adwards: is a service provided by Google Inc., Google Adword service allows publicize your product, by creating ads pressing for direct access to your site that contains the product or otherwise.
This program aims to bring visitors to the websites by paying on each visit be sourced from Google Adsense, the latter of which enables webmasters and Forums to make money by publishing certain ads on their sites
So whenever a visitor pressed on one ads of AdSense, which appear in a particular website, the Google Adword shall deductibility certain percentage of the amount of the ad that was created to publicize his product, and receive in return the publisher of the ads profit rate due to pressure advertising appearing on his site,and this is the relationship between Google Adword and Adsense.
Of course, this service is not free, because you have to pay for showing your ads on the websites of others ...But despite that, there great advantage offered Google Adword, which is the possibility of using free coupons, exempt you from paying for advertising.

The amount provided by Adword coupons may ranging between 25 and 150 dollars, however, you may find more or less than these amounts.
When the balance of the Coupon ends, the advertising service will stop until payment renewed either by new coupon or through bank account or other ...

It should be noted to that you need to amend the state of publicity ads after expiry amount of the Coupon; to avoid any problem, and likely to be enabled in order to stop ads from appearing after expiry amount until the renewal of balance.

Coupon is valid to a period determined by the Google Inc. And often up to 60 days from the date of production.So please use it as soon as possible.

My Gift to you at the end of this lesson is free Google Adword coupon to the first person who will comment on this topic,  of course after the completion of stage beneath it:

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  1. @Mohit Gupta send me your email i'll give you the code ok Brow :)

  2. Ya ofcourse Brow.. :)

  3. @Mohit Gupta i've send you the coupon enjoy :)

  4. may you send me one too

    1. @ Abdelati Touzani

      I've send you the coupon

      enjoy ;)

  5. Hello bro may i get this coupon ? :)

    1. Hi Hafiz, you can get your adwords coupon from this url:
      Click Here

  6. can i get this coupon plz bro my email id:
    Download drivers and books

    1. Hi Shakeel, i can't give coupons any more, but you can get yours over here:
      Get Adwords Coupons


  7. Interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you
    Google Adwords


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