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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Make your will reach your relatives after your death by means of telecommunications

Dying messageNo wonder if we say that the Internet has good positive effects on our lives today, because for services that provided to us effortlessly, who among us in the Twenty-first century does not use the Internet or Communication media in general in a directly way or indirectly, whether elderly or young age, some of them rely on the Internet to complete school assignments, playing games, watch movies, communicating with the world through social networking, completion of business transactions... or many other services. But the strangest service on the Internet (which is our topic today) is the possibility of reaching your family with your testament online in case you died.. Yes it's true! You can prepare your will and in full detail, and let rest on dyingmessage website. This website will send your testament  to one person or more of your family which you've selected them before.. 

you have to check dyingmessage website daily or weekly or monthly or according to how long you want, but if you did not check your account within the period specified, the website will send a message to your family, to inform them with your testamen, in the form of a written text,  images or video, depend on the method you have chosen to broadcast where you are and your testament.

How it works:

How to create an account on this website:

  • Firstly Go to:

Watch the following video, it explaining how to sign up, and how to make your first will:

So start today making your videos, or your photos to complete your testament, and do not forget to mention my name in your will :p
Hope you all fine my readers, to make me keep sharing with you new tutorials share what i'm giving to you with all your friends. 
That's all for now, hope you enjoyed with this entry, if you like it, share it, it may help someone. have a nice day Bloggers, see you in the next post.
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