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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The best way to delete your Facebook account

Many people after a certain period, want to delete their account on Facebook in its final form, whether for personal, social, or even economics reasons, but most users find it very difficult, which is an obstacle.
Today, after research in this area, I found the perfect way to complete this process successfully, only follow the simplified explanation below.
First you must log in to your account that you want to delete it through this link

After making your decision to delete your account for ever, i mean you will not be allowed to reactive it or to get it back, if you steel thinking that you can't delete your account for now then ignore this post. If not! keep reading then.
Click the button below, a new page from FB will opened asking you if you are sure want to continue.

As the picture below shown click Delete my account Button.


Enter your password and in the bottom box enter the code shown in this picture:


Waiting for a moment, and then click on Okay
Then a message appears warning effect that if you deleted the account will be disabled for 14 days, because if you logged into your account again will be asked by you to activate the account, it meaning you should not log in for the period mentioned above.
After thinking carefully and take all necessary measures, click on Okay

Now just wait for 14 days without access to your account to be approved the request to delete from the Department of Facebook:
That's it, for that matter, I hope that you will have benefited with us any inquiry or question I am under the reference, waiting for your comments.

Have a nice day Bloggers.
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Team SB
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