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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Prefect Way To Create Your Blog with blogger is a site gives the possibility of creating a blog without any advertisements which may also come across some other sites that give the same service but they oblige to place ads inside the blog, thereby hindering its work, and restricted all the time.
Many people prefer to use Blogger for various reasons including, but not limited to:
  • Dealing with the Blogger platform, whether in writing articles or amendment to the templates, and other characteristics of the other.
  • Ease of archiving threads in the search engines, giving highly efficient to the Blog,and thus the ability to bring the largest possible number of visitors. 
  • Important updates carried out by Google's Blogger platform from time to an other for the betterment of blogging and bloggers to the best possible levels blogger blogs.

To own a complete blog must first register in blogger
here as in the following images:

Now move to the next step and fill out the fields :

Click Sign In to start creating your first blog
Click Sign In to start creating your first blog!

How to create a prefect blog/website withe blogger.
Fill out the fields 

  1. Enter a password (should be Long)
  2. Retype it in the next box
  3. Enter your display name, like karim, tom, jhon, maria...
  4. Click on the box (x)
  5. Select your gender (Male/Female)
  6. Enter your birthday, for ex: 01/28/1990
  7. Type the word verification you see in the picture
  8. Accept the terms by clicking the little box !
  9. Click continue !
Now you completed the registration :

Click New Blog to add your first blog
Click New Blog to add your first blog

Choose a Title and Template for your blog and click Create Blog as shown at the picture below.

Fill out the fields and choose your Template.
Fill out the fields and choose your Template.

Next start blogging and write your new post, you can insert images, videos.

Now You Can Start Blogging.
Now You Can Start Blogging.

Congratulations my dear you are now started blogging and i can call you "Blogger", you may need to change your template by a professional templates, you can also add some Widgets to make your blog looks pro..

That's all I hope that you benefited with us and you spent a great time, stay in touch with us to get our latest tutorials.
To the meeting with a new post. Have a nice day!
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Team SB
Posted By: Team SB



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